Cleanroom Installation Documents

Drawings showing the installation of the TV2 Cleanroom monitor along with positioning of sensors in a wall or mounted on the ceiling.  A template for the Cleanroom monitor can be printed for accurate cutouts and drill holes.

The images below illustrate the panel mount installed on a fiberboard panel, wallboard and on a stainless steel panel. The brown board is  representative in thickness of standard cleanroom interior and exterior paneling.

As shown in the images, some cleanroom panels contain a foam core. Simply cut away a workable area so fasteners and wires have room to bend for runs to power and sensors.  Sensor and power wires carry a very low voltage and current (less than 5V, .5amps).

  • Flush Mount on Stainless

  • Front of Flush Mount

    TV2 monitor flush mounted showing temp/RH + Pressure readings
  • Rear View of Flush Mount

    End of TV2 monitor showing sensor connectors