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ThermaViewer Wall- Mounted Alarm

Local alarm for temperature monitoring systems

This optional alarm alerts nearby personnel if the temperature gets too hot or cold. It plugs into the ThermaViewers on-board relay and is triggered anytime the temperature falls outside your set parameters for too long. It emits a very loudpiercing siren that is impossible to ignore.

It is usually mounted on the wall next to the ThermaViewer and can be powered by the ThermaViewer relay which can be factory configured to provide a 12vdc current. (The relay is normally configured as a dry contact so be sure and request a powered on if the ThermaViewer is to be used with this alarm.)

If it is powered by a separate user-installed relay a very bright strobe light can also be seen during the day as well as at night or in dim light conditions.

ThermaViewer wiring diagram