Monitor Tissue Storage Refrigerator

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Tissue Storage Monitor and Alarm

  • -80°Freezer AlarmTissue Storage Monitor
  • Logs and charts temperature
  • Shows current and logged temperatures
  • Text, email or phone call alarms
  • No special training needed.
  • Prints chart for verification
  • No paper, pens, or maintenance.
  • 72 hour battery  backup for power failures.
  • Meets JCAHO & CDC standards.


JCAHO Standards PC.17.10,  effective July 1, 2005

B 6. Maintain continuous temperature monitoring for storage refrigerators and freezers.

Note: The following standards apply to organizations that store or issue tissue, which may include areas outside of the clinical laboratory, for example, surgery and outpatient centers and tissue banks. Examples of tissue specimens that might be found in an organization include bone, cornea, skin, heart valves/conduits, tendons, fascia, dura, bone marrow, veins, arteries, cartilage, sperm, embryos, eggs, stem cells, cord blood, synthetic tissue (artificially prepared, human and non-human based), and other cellular- and tissue-based transplant or implant products.

24/7 Temperature Monitor

Theeezer Alarm monitors refrigerators and freezers, displaying a temperature history of each on its large display, to comply with JCAHO standards. It continually samples and stores temperature to create a complete temperature history for your records.  The temperature history can be seen on the display or printed out as a paper chart. 

Simple installation

  1. 1. Position the  sensors.
  2. 2. Plug the alarm into the wall or a PC.
  3. 3. Review the date & time
  4. 4. Set the alarms.

    1.             That is it.  You are done.

Application note for complying with JCAHO PC.17.10.

Use with any freezer or refrigerator

Monitor, log and alarm any type of freezer or refrigerator from -100°to 45°C. The sensors go inside the cold compartment and are either wired or transmit wirelessly to the TV2 display.  The chart display shows the temperature history as well as the current temperature.  The display has alarm software to activate the internal speaker and the external auto dialer any time the temperature becomes unsafe.  The temperature alarms can be set to your specifications to ensure that your inventory is always protected.

chest freezer bone freezer 4 door freezer lab upright freezer supercold freezer

Auto Dialer or Local Alarm

The internal alarm is triggered and the external auto dialer starts calling your emergency numbers any time the temperature becomes unsafe no matter what time it is. The phone dialer calls several different phone numbers to deliver a message so that you can immediately respond to protect your inventory.

Easy to Use

The eezer Alarm is a digital solid-state device with no moving parts, that will operate for years without maintenance or expensive supplies. It even has two different battery backups so that if the power fails for any reason it will continue to monitor and alarm your refrigerators and freezers.

TV2 monitoring four cold storage units

Protect your Tissue Samples

The 2di Freezer Alarm is actually a 24/7 watch-dog device that guards your inventory to keep it safe. The refrigerators and freezers used for tissue storage are mechanical devices that can and periodically do fail.  When they do, you need to be notified as soon as possible.  This is what the 2di Freezer Alarm was designed and built for.


The 2di Freezer Alarm is capable of displaying many months of data on its LCD display so that JCAHO inspectors can view the temperature history without the need for a paper print out. If they do need a printed record, the PC-interface program can download the temperature history to your computer for printing.  All files are encrypted so they can not be altered.

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