Easy Freezer Alarm Install & Setup in Minutes SMS, Email, Phone Call Alerts Continuous Data Logging NIST Traceable Sensors Wired or Wireless Sensors No Monthly Service Fees High/Low Temperature Alarms Power Failure Alert Designed & Made in the USA In Stock - Ships the Next Day


Medical refrigeratorsThe TV2 Freezer Alarm works with any freezer or refrigerator and is used in health clinics, hospitals, blood banks, doctors offices, labs, manufacturing plants, and even commercial kitchens to alarm and log temperatures of refrigerators and freezers.

Continuous refrigerator and freezer temperatures are constantly displayed and updated every few seconds.  You can also view the current temperature or the temperature history on the remote display, seeing up to four different freezer or refrigerator temperature TV2 monitoring 3 freezers and one refrigerators.  The display is so easy to understand that each member of your staff will “get” it without any special training.  They automatically become part of your quality control system every time they glance at the display. Anyone can immediately see if everything is OK or if something happened while no one was looking.  If all the numbers are green everything is OK.  If a number is red there is a problem.

One glance at the display on the right shows that Missy’s freezer got too warm but has now cooled down and is in the safe zone again.  To see how long it was unsafe the user can touch the -13.9°reading and the screen will change to show a temperature history chart showing all temperatures for the last several weeks.


Available with wired or wireless sensors. Each sensor is digital and can be supplied with a 2-year NIST traceable certificate.  No yearly recalibration expenses or doing without the sensors while they are being recalibrated.  All sensors are guaranteed to stay in calibration for two-years.  Regular freezer temperature sensors are suitable for temperatures between -30° and 80°C (±0.3°C).  Sensors for extreme temperatures are thermocouples (usually T-type), which have a range between  -200° to 350° (±1.0°C).  Each TV2 base-station has four ports which can be used for any sensor.

The Easy Freezer alarm has a two stage alarm.  Once the alarms are set, any time the temperature falls outside the limits it turns RED.  If it remains unsafe for longer than the delay-time, local and remote alarms are triggered.  When that happens the screen begins blinking, a beeping alarm sounds, and SMS and Email alerts are sent.  The external relay can also trigger an external alarm or auto dialer anytime an alarm occurs.  So, even if it is the middle of the night, office manages, maintenance personal and anyone else listed is notified.


The TV2 freezer alarm is simple to install and use.

  1. Position the sensors
  2. Plug the monitor into a wall socket
  3. Set the date and time
  4. Set the alarm limits for each sensor
  5. Type in the email or SMS addresses
  6. Plug the monitor into a LAN
  7. Download the free TView software and install it on any PC on the same LAN.Buy Now


Each sensor has its own high and low alarm as well as a delay time to eliminate false alarms.  A power out alarm also triggers text and email alerts.  It is all too easy for a freezer to malfunction by warming up and then cooling down while no one is freezeraround.  This sometimes happens when the compressor relay gets stuck.  Should that happen it would not be noticed if the temperature was being manually recorded once or twice a day, but the TV2 catches it every time.

With the TV2 Freezer Alarm you immediately know if the temperature became unsafe even if it happens in the middle of the night.  The temperature history is one-touch away, so one glance tells you all you need to know about what happened last night or last month or even last year..


The TV2 Freezer Alarm complies with CDC, JCAHO and CAP requirements. It displays and prints charts or spreadsheets for regulators or auditors as proof that the inventory has been kept at the proper temperature.

All logged data is stored in encrypted format and can be electronically signed.  Any data downloaded to a computer and stored on a PC is encrypted with 128 bit encryption.  Once the data has been logged it can never be changed, even after being downloaded to a computer, as long as it is stored in the TV2 format. Of course, if they are imported into Excel the encryption is broken..

Freezer alarm PC chartText of Chart

   Print or view a temperature history chart from the Easy Freezer Alarm!  Each sensor is automatically logged so that a complete history can be viewed, printed or exported with the free encrypted TView software.


The Easy Freezer Alarm is powered with a USB cable plugged into a wall-power plug or a PC.  If a power failure occurs, the internal backup battery immediately takes over and continues to run the unit for up to 100 hours. All monitoring and logging and even alarms will continue to operate normally while running on battery. The display goes to sleep after a few seconds to preserve the battery, but this does not affect the collection of data or alarms.  Batteries are recharged when power is restored.


  1. No monthly feesfreezer alarm
  2. No paper charts
  3. No pens to replace
  4. No cloud storage fees
  5. No maintenance agreement fees