TV2 Thermo Hygrometer

Electronic – No Paper Charts or Pens

The paperless  Electronic Hygrometer provides constant temperature and relative humidity monitoring without paper or pens.  Temperature and humidity is sampled and displayed every few seconds . The environmental conditions are also logged in non-volatile memory.  Depending on how often the data is logged many months or years of data is stored locally  in the Hygrometer itself and can be viewed or printed at any time.  The current conditions are constantly displayed on the Quick-Check monitor for each of its sensors.

The problems inherent in older mechanical hygrometers are eliminated since there are no moving parts. The sensors are digital, so they stay in calibration for long periods of time and are easily re-calibrated with a three-point calibration table built into each sensor.   Often the old type of mechanical hygrometer would be ‘flicked’ by a someone causing the instrument to, no only stop working, but also to need re-calibration.  Visitors can not upset the recording mechanism of this paperless Hygrometer because it is all digital.  And the sensors themselves are enclosed in a small plastic box to protect them from inquisitive visitors.

Wireless Digital Sensors

Forget about running wires to the sensors.  Just position the wireless sensors in the areas you want to monitor or alarm and mount the display unit on the wall in a central location.  The range is: over 60 feet, clear line-of-sight. There are no worries about unauthorized personnel messing up the settings as everything is password protected.  

Monitor, Log, Chart and Alarm


The Paperless Hygrometer is used in museums, art galleries, computer rooms, clean rooms, testing labs, laboratories, etc.. to provide accurate temperature/humidity monitoring.

The temperature and humidity data logged by the monitor can be downloaded to a computer either on demand or continuously so charts or numeric data can be printed out, saved to files or even emailed to lending institutions.

The hygrometer uses analog sensors to accurately measure the temperature and humidity.  It then converts the analog reading to a 24-bit digital number before being transmitted to the display unit, to ensure the complete accuracy of the measurement.

The sensors do not need to be re-calibrated frequently.  If you have been using a sling psychrometer to re-calibrate the old drum type hygrometers you can throw it away.   If the sensors do need to be re-calibrated because of jostling or position.  When the sensors do need to be calibrated every couple of years and adjustments can be made in the built in calibration table.

Art Galleries

It goes without saying that keeping the temperature and humidity constant and under control in art galleries is critical to the preservation of the paintings and objects of art.  The Digital Hygrometer Quick-Check display turns red any time either environmental condition strays outside the safe zone.  This means that not only the curators but even the visitors become part of Quality Control.  Placing the TV2 Hygrometer in the open so it is visible to all demonstrates the safe conditions being maintained.  Put a sign below it saying “If if anything on this Display turns please Red, Notify the gallery personnel Immediately” draws attention the galleries emphasis on safety and maintain a safe environment.  And being able to show a temperature and humidity history chart to owners of the items on loan puts you a step above the other galleries.

Testing Laboratories

Monitoring humidity and temperature in laboratories where testing is taking place is critical.  Changes in humidity can affect the result for testing procedures and can destroy months of critical work.  Placing the digital hygrometer sensors in the testing areas ensures that you will have a complete record of temperature and humidity conditions.

If testing is being done on customer materials a chart of temperature and humidity conditions can be printed and included with the test results.  This verifies to the customer that the tests were conducted in an environment where consistent results are guaranteed.

Warehouse or Storage Area

If you are storing inventory that is temperature and/or humidity sensitive, the Hygrometer is the perfect instrument for protecting that inventory.  High and low alarms can be set for temperature and humidity to alert you if conditions every become unsafe. The TV2 digital hygrometer can send phone, email or text alerts if any monitored condition becomes unsafe.

If you are storing goods for a customer you can print out or email a chart of conditions in the storage area as needed for your records.  If the materials being stored are susceptible to damage from temperature or humidity customers often require a print out of environmental conditions at some regular interval.  The TV2 digital hygrometer can provide a chart or Excel spreadsheet of the temperature and humidity log which can be emailed to the customer.

Manufacturing Areas

Monitor and alarm the environmental conditions on the manufacturing floor for quality control.  The TV2 digital hygrometer can tie into the Building Access Control System.  A Ethernet BACnet module can be added to the TV2 Hygrometer so the HVAC can be adjusted as needed.

If controlling temperature and humidity is important to the manufacturing process the TV2 Digital Hygrometer is a must-have.  And viewing the historical temperature and humidity is as easy at touching the Quick-Check display

View A Temperature and Humidity Log on Any PC

Each TV2 Hygrometer comes with either a wired Ethernet connection or WiFi connection so it can be accessed by a computer to automatically download the logged data every few minutes.  The copied data is added to files stored in your network so it is instantly accessible by anyone on the same network.  Real time or historical data charts can be viewed on the computer screen and printed for any period of time.

Having a data log of temperature and humidity available at any time saves valuable personnel time and effort.  There is no need to transcribe hand written information when it is requested by customers or quality control.

Note: The data shown here was logged every minute which is not the way most people have the Digital Hygrometer is setup usually.  Most often data is logged every 10 minutes or even once an hour depending on the application.  The logging rate can even be set to log once or twice a day.

See the logged data on your computer screen.