Negative Pressure Rooms

Do not just monitor the pressure

Monitor:  Know what the pressure is in each room all the time.

Log:  Continuously log the pressure conditions

Alarm:  Receive SMS, E-Mail or Phone call alerts if the pressure is no longer negative for too long.

Comply w USP 797 & USP 800

  • Monitor temp/RH & pressure in multiple rooms.
  • Logs temp, RH and Pressure data automatically.
  • Visual and audible local alarm.
  • Text, email or phone call alert.
  • Easy touch display for quick setup and easy use.
  • Max/Mins updated every 4 seconds.
  • All data is encrypted and protected.
  • Wired Ethernet socket.
  • Color-coded display.
  • 72-hr internal backup battery.
  • All logged data stored in non-volatile RAM.
  • Accuracy: Temp ±0.3°C, RH ±1.5%, Pressure ±0.007″.
  • Range: Temp -30°C to 80°C, RH 0% to 99%, Pressure ±1.0″.
  • TV2 solution is a Low Cost solution.

Low cost does not mean inaccurate

The TV2 QuickCheck monitor uses state-of-the-art differential pressure (±0.007wg” or ±0.002wg”) temperature (±0.3°C) and humidity (±1.5%) sensors to check the environmental conditions every few seconds. Each sensor comes with a NIST traceable calibration certificate, are highly engineered and designed to maintain their accuracy for many years. Each has excellent repeat-ability in addition to solid stability. Each sensor his its own calibration table and analog to digital converter to ensure accuracy.  The sensors can be mounted remotely up to 300′ from the TV2 monitor.

Quick to install and easy to use

The TV2 Cleanroom monitor is the most affordable, easy-to-use negative/positive isolation room monitor available anywhere. The TV2 Cleanroom monitor alarms, logs and charts all three critical environmental variables needed to keep your pressurized areas safe and within specs 24/7.


Configuration of the monitor is done via a menu on the touch screen, and takes just a few minutes.

Position the monitor and sensors;
Plug the TV2 monitor into 120vac;
Set the date and time;
Plug each sensor wire into the monitor;
Set the sample rate and alarm for each sensor;
Auto-calibrate the pressure sensor;
Plug a CAT 5 cable into the Ethernet connector.


Training personnel to use the TV2:

Point out pressure, temperature and humidity readings, noting that they appear green;
Explain that if any number shows RED they should call someone for help;
Show how to touch the Last Review box after the display is looked at.

Advanced training:

Point out Max/Min readings for each variable;
Show how to reset Max/Min by touching the screen;
Show how to view a chart of all data by touching any reading;
Explain that if any number shows RED they should call for help;

See the pressure in multiple rooms on any PC

See real time data at the nursing station: