QS TV2 Clean Room

TV2 Clean Room Monitor

  1. 1. The Care and Use guide for your TV2 Clean Room Monitor can be downloaded here:


Please print out the Users Guide.

Although you should use the Users Guide to familiarize yourself with the TV2 installation and use, you can use the quick-start instructions below, if you are in a hurry.

Your TV2 Clean room monitor comes with free software to copy the logged data from your TV2 to your computer. To download the free TView software go to www.e2di.com/PC- software/TView_software.html and click on TView Clean Room Monitor User Guide, copy the software to your desktop, unzip it and click on ‘Setup’ to install.  It installs like any other windows software.

Temperature/RH Sensor         TV2 sensor sockets                  Pressure Sensor

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Your TV2 can be installed and operating in just a few minutes by following these simple steps.

  1. Connect the USB cable to a PC or wall plug and the System Parameter display will appear.
  1. Touch ‘Up’ or ‘Down’ to select C° or F° and touch ‘Enter’.
  1. Touch ‘Up’ to select the date format (MM/DD/YY, DD/MM/YY or YY/MM/DD) and then

‘Enter’. The date format defaults to the US style (MM/DD/YY).

  1. Set the day, month, year, hour and minute in the appropriate field by scrolling through the possible values with ‘Up’ or ‘Down’ after moving to the appropriate field with ‘Enter’.

(Note: It is possible to move to another field with the ‘Right’ button but your entries will

not be recorded).

  1. Touch ‘Escape’. You will be asked to verify that you want to erase all data. Use ‘Right’ to highlight YES and touch ‘Enter’.
  1. Touch ‘Escape’ to return to the previous menu.

The TV2 Clean Room Monitor is operational

P O Box 159 • Crestwood, KY 40014 • (502) 243-0042 • (502) 243-0039 fax www.e2di.cominfo@2di.com

Setting up sensors

  1. Plug the pressure sensor into the socket next to the small green relay on the end of the TV2 display and the temp/RH sensor next to it. Position the pressure sensor so that the positive and negative clear plastic tube openings are in different rooms to see the pressure differential.
  1. After a few seconds, the TV2 will recognize the first sensor and change the display to the

Sensor Setup menu. Move the cursor to the Sample Data field by touching ‘Right’.

  1. This is how often you want the sensor to log a pressure reading. You may scroll to any value between 1 min and 24 hrs with ‘Up’ or ‘Down’, touching ‘Enter’ to move to the minute and second field, or accept the default by touching ‘Enter’. The default value is ten minutes (00:10:00). For pressure sensors we recommend you set it for 15 seconds (00:00:15).
  1. Select the type of averaging by touching ‘UP’, or ‘Down’ and then ‘Enter’. There are three possible selections.
  2. Fast
  3. Medium (This is the default value). c.   Slow (Not normally used).
  1. Set the chart display (Y axis) with ‘Up’ and ‘Down’. This does not set the alarm.

These setting have no effect on the alarm, what data is collected, or what is stored. It simply sets the upper and lower point of the Y-axis of the data chart shown on the TV2.

Note: These limits can be adjusted at any time without affecting your data.

Note: Once the Pressure sensor is positioned you must auto calibrate it to zero out the reading.

Setting the sensor alarms

  1. Set Alarms, if needed, by highlighting the ‘Set Alarm’ button on the ‘Sensor # Setup’ screen with ‘Left’ or ‘Right’ and touching ‘Enter’.
  1. Enable the alarm by touching ‘Up’ and then ‘Enter’.
  1. Set the trigger-alarm-time to any value between 0:00 and 99:00. This controls how long the alarm and the relay will be activated.

Note: If you are using a dialer set it for at least 00:30 (30 seconds) but not longer than 06:00 (Six minutes).

  1. Scroll in the upper alarm data limit and delay time and then the lower alarm limit and delay with ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ touching ‘Enter’ to move to each field in turn.

Note: The delay time is how long the temperature must remain above (or below) the limit before the alarm occurs.

  1. You do not need to enter the Calibration Menu at this time. (For calibration procedures see the document Entitled ‘Calibration Procedures’ on the CD. It can also be downloaded from our website https://e2di.com/PDFs/Calibration Procedures.pdf)
  1. Touch ‘Escape’ until you return to the Status Screen.

You are done!

Quick Check

The Easy Touch display indicates the safe/unsafe condition of room pressure, temperature and humidity at all times. If all the numbers are green then all is OK, but if any of them appear red the clean room should not be used until the red condition is corrected.


Pressure Temperature Humidity Alarm Max/Min Battery Icon

If Green If Red
OK Do not use room until positive pressure is restored
OK Adjust thermostat
OK Check humidity control
Alarms set Enable alarms (sensor setup menu)
OK Condition was unsafe in the past – Reset by touching
Charged No action required – it will charge itself

If any condition (pressure, temperature or humidity) is red it is outside the safe conditions and the room should not be used.

Safe limits are set in the alarm menu of each sensor.

If the Minimum pressure setting is red the pressure dropped below the safe conditions in the past. As long as the current pressure is green it is ok. Check the logged data to see what happened


If the Alarm is disabled the quick check will be unable to display red conditions.

It should be enabled and alarm conditions set in the sensor setup menu.