TView – PC Software

TView Software

TView software is designed to perform a number of different function:

  1. Interface with TV2s over a Local Area Network
  2. Download data at any time from TV2s;
  3. Auto download data from TV2s;
  4. Setup and manage text/Email alerts;
  5. Setup and view a dashboard displaying current readings for TV2s;
  6. Export downloaded data to an Excel workbook;
  7. View and print out charts of logged data;
  8. View alarm settings on TV2 monitors;
  9. View alarm logs.

Interfacing with TV2 monitors

The stores up to 80,000 data points for each sensor, which means that it will store over 2.5 years of logged data from each sensor.  To copy the data from a TV2 to the TView software it must first be setup, so that TView can request data from the TV2.

This is done by selecting ‘Manage TV2 Devices’ under the Setup Tab and entering the IP address of the TV2.  Each TV2, when plugged into the Local Area Network (LAN) receives an IP address from the DHCP server.  That address can be seen on the TV2 monitor on the ‘Network Menu’.  It should be copied down and entered into the IP field on the ‘Add TV2’ so that the TView software can find the TV2.  Once found the user can enter a location description by which it will be identified and accessed.

Setting up Auto Downloads

Once TView is communicating with a TV2 auto-downloading should be setup for each TV2.  This accomplishes three things.  First it is an additional level of protection for the logged data that TV2 stores locally.  Even though the data stored in the TV2 is protected by a battery and the fact that it is stored in FRAM it can still be lost if the TV2 is destroyed.  Secondly to use the Text/Email function the TV2 must be sending data to the TView software which is what happens when auto-downloading is initiated.  And lastly it makes it possible for any computer on the LAN to access the logged data from the PC or server rather than having to download it from the TV2 itself.

Auto downloading lets the TView software to automatically copy all of the logged data from a TV2 to a file on a PC or server.  Once initiated a new file for each month will be created and continually updated every few seconds.

Setting up Text and Email Alerts

Setting up text and email alerts ensures that someone will be notified anytime one of the monitored safety parameter is violated.  Although the alarm setting are set on each individual TV2 the email and text addresses are entered in the TView software program.  For the text and Email alerts to work properly several conditions must be met:

  1. Alarm parameters for each sensor must be set on the TV2 monitor;
  2. TView must be running on a PC or server in the same LAN;
  3. Auto Downloading must be set and working for each TV2.

This means that TView must be running continually.  This is the only way the alerts are captured and sent to text or Email recipients is through TView software and a network connection on the LAN