WiFi extender

Trying to decide which WiFi extender to use can be very difficult. There are a lot of very confusing fact pertaining to the hardware to extend a WiFi signal. Even determining the need to extend your WiFi network can be a matter a guesswork. There are plenty of manufactures offering all types of equipment which promise everything from increasing the speed of your network to improving the range of your router or modem. We have done some research on this issue because the TV2 monitor should plugged into your LAN for you to take advantage of all the features of the TV2 system.

The TV2 monitor is equipped with an Ethernet socket so it can be plugged into a switch or hub on a Local Area Network. Once the TV2 is plugged into the LAN it receives an IP address from the DHCP on the same LAN. The free secure software that is provided with each TV2 can be installed on any computer on the LAN and the TV2’s IP address entered. Once that is done the TView software can be used to download the logged data from the TV2 monitor. Additionally the software can be used to automatically backup all data from the TV2’s sensors to a PC. And text and email alerts can be sent vie the LAN’s internet connection. Lastly the current conditions can be displayed on PCs.

These functions of the TView software greatly increases the functionality of the TV2. However we do have users who do not have wired Ethernet drops close to where the TV2 is deployed. One option for this situation is to employ a wired to wireless converter – what is commonly called a bridge. The TV2 can be plugged into the bridge which is linked to the LAN with its WiFi connection. All types of bridges are available and it can be very difficult to determine what piece of hardware will best suite the needs in any given situation. This article offers very good information as well as guidance to which piece of hardware will work best in which applications.

There is another alternative available and that is to purchase the TV2 with a WiFi connection. This completely eliminates the need or a bridge although you may still need an extender if the area where the TV2 is to be positioned is too far away from a WiFi access point. The above referenced article can point you in the right direction.