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Can the TV2 Be Accessed Remotely?

This questions has several answers:

1. Once the data is saved to a computer with the TView program it is just like any other file. If the file's attributes are set to 'shared', or the computer is acting as a server, anyone with access to that computer, either from the local area network or the internet can access it. You must use the TView program on a remote computer to load the chart unless you are loading an exported version of the file with Excel. There is no license or additional fee to install the TView program on more than one computer at a time. Just access it on our web site and download it. Once installed, click on the 'file' selection and select 'load file'.

2. If you need real time data you can click on Current Readings,select the correct TV2 and the sensors to see the current condions and a chart of the last 100 logged readings. 

The  TV2 data is download to a computer:

  1. Directly - with the USB cable supplied with the TView software program
  2. Over a Local Area Network by plugging the TV2 into a Ethernet connection
  3. Over the Internet using the Port Forwarding feature of your modem.

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Temperature chart on the PC.

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