Master Thermometer

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Text, Email, Phone AlertsThe ThermaViewer temperature monitoring system

  • Remote sensors
  • High - Low audible & visual alarms
  • Wired or wireless sensors
  • Simple installation
  • QuickCheck screen
  • Logs temperature history
  • Any temperature between -200°C and 1250°C
  • No monthly charges
  • 72 hour battery Backup
  • Complies with all federal recommendations
  • Displays maximum and minimum temperatures
  • Free Secure Software

Monitors, Documents & Alarms

The Thermometer alarms, monitors, logs and charts temperature, relative humidity and differential pressure.  It stores all that logged data in non-volatile memory displaying a chart on its large panel display.  The chart can be scrolled through, and expanded or compressed to show a chart of all logged data points.  Shows more than two years of temperature history on one chart.

Tv2 showing logged refrigerator temperatures

Because of the way the data is displayed, trends can be spotted and individual data points can be examed. The display has no moving parts, requires no paper, pens or ongoing maintenance. It incorporates the best features of chart recorders and data loggers. It's Easy-Touch™display makes it easy to install and use.

2 minute video on monitoring & alarming refrigerators

Continuous Information!

The Thermometer is a combination data logger and chart recorder, combining the visual aspect of a chart recorder with the storage capacity and flexibility of a data logger.

Like a chart recorder it samples and displays temperature data, but unlike a chart recorder it stores months and even years of temperature history, does not require a paper chart, pen or a staff member to change the chart.

Like a data logger it continually samples and stores temperature data, but unlike a data logger it doesn't need a computer to setup or view the data.

The ThermaViewer temperature monitoring system screen shot
Temperature/RH chart

View 2 Years of Logged Data on one Chart

The stores over 80,000 data points for each of its sensors, so you can review over two years of history either on its display or on your PC, once downloaded to a computer. Each sensor comes with a twenty foot wire or a wireless transmitter. The Master thermometer can collect data from hundreds of feet away from the source.

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