TV2 Specifications

Animated header picture of TV2


The TV2 is a highly engineered monitor/alarm/logger with a simple user interface.  It uses remote wire or wireless sensors to collect temperature, humidity and/or pressure data.   The Easy-Touch™display shows current conditions as well as days, weeks, months and even years of logged data.   It complies with all federal regulations. 

It displays current, maximum /minimum conditions and digital charts for four remote sensors.  It logs and charts all monitored conditions which it stores in non-volatile memory for protection.  All stored data is encrypted to comply with 21 CFR 11, and can be copied to a computer for archiving or printing through a USB cable.  All captured data can be viewed in graphic form or exported to an Excel file.

QuickCheck display

Stored data:

The stores up to 80,000 data points for each sensor, which means that it will store over 1.5 year of temperature history if you are sampling temperature once every 10 minutes.  If you are logging temperature and humidity it stores nine months of history for each of the four sensors.  Although the can store and display temperature from absolute zero to thousands of degrees, the actual temperatures collected depends on the type of sensors being used (see below).

In addition to showing the current conditions the TV2 can display the logged data for each sensor.  Touching one of the displayed values on the QuickCheck display causes the logged data to be displayed as an easy-to-read chart.   The chart can be scrolled backwards and forward.  It can also be zoomed into or out of to show more or less data.

TV2 temperature history chart

Temperature chart on TV2 Easy-Touch™Display

The menu system

A password-protected Easy-Touch™menu is used to set the system and display parameters such as high and low temperatures, sampling intervals, and alarm levels. Since the menu system is password protected, the can be placed in high traffic areas so that each staff member can see it and be part of your quality control process.

The is powered through a USB cable and has a internal 72-hour rechargable lithium battery backup.  When It enters battery mode during a power failure the display 'sleeps'  but the sensors continue to collect data for over seventy-two hours depending on your settings. In the event that power is not restored before the battery is depleted, the stored data will still be retained although the unit will no longer log or display new data. Once power is restored, the display wakes up, the battery begins to be recharged, and normal operations continue.

The TV2 display:

The LCD is a full color Easy-Touch™graphic display, controlled by a microprocessor that shows 220 columns of temperature data. This means that three hours of data is displayed if a temperature has been recorded once a minute, or thirty hours of data is displayed if it is being recorded once every ten minutes.

However, it is possible to view more than 180 temperatures on the display at one time. Each time the display is 'zoomed out' the number of logged values shown doubles. This unique feature makes it possible to display over 80,000 logged points on one screen.

A trace mode can be used to highlight individual values showing the day and time each was collected. 

The bottom or the QuickCheck display shows the current date, and time, the battery charge level, a network connected icon, as well as the Menu and Last Reviewed Date hot-spots. 

Technical Specifications:

Channels Temperature only sensors- Four Channels
Temperature/humidity sensors - Eight Channels (4 temp & 4 RH)
Pressure sensors - Four channels
Current Conditions Displayed      1.  One, two, three or four, sensors (Temp, Humidity or pressure)
     3.  Low backup battery icon
     4.  Max/Min value of each sensor
     5.  Alarm enabled/disabled for each sensor
     6.  Sensor battery icon (for wireless sensors only) 
     7.  Date and time
     8.  Last time data reviewed
Display Resolution 0.1© C/F, 1.0% RH, 0.000" or hPA LCD,  0.0001 on PC
Monitoring Continuous with active display (Updating every 4 seconds for wired sensors. Wireless sensors update every 20 seconds)
Alerts Audible and visual indication on Display
Text: uses local internet connection
Email: uses local internet connection
Phone (requires separate dialer)
Alarm Settings High temperature
High Humidity
Low Temperature
Low Humidity
High Pressure
Low Pressure
Power out
Low battery
Missing sensor for wireless sensors
Max/Min Display Shows on active display.  Resets by touch.
Accuracy & Range Sensor dependent.  (See sensor specs below)
Size of TV2 Monitor 8 3/8" x 5" x 1 3/8"
Sample Interval User selectable:  1/min - 1/24hrs
Note: Wired and wireless sensors can not be mixed on the same monitor
Wireless Sensors
Thermistor sensor -30°C to 75°C (±0.3°C), ( ±0.2°C option) submersible
Thermistor/Humidity sensor -30°C to 75°C (±0.3°C)
0% to 100% RH (±3.0%) w ±0.5% Repeatability
Extreme Temperature Wireless Sensors
K Thermocouple sensors* -200°C to 1250°C.  Accuracy ±2.2°C or ±0.75%, below 0°C ±2%
E Thermocouple sensors* -200°C to 900°C.  Accuracy ±1.7°C or ±0.5%, below 0°C ±1%
J Thermocouple sensors*  -0°C to 750°C.  Accuracy ±2.2°C or ±0.75%
T Thermocouple sensors* -250°C to 350°C.  Accuracy ±1.0°C or ±0.75%, below 0°C ±1.5%
Wired Sensors
Digital temperature sensor -30°C to 80°C (±0.2°C) submersible ±0.005°C repeatability
Thermistor sensor -20°C to 75°C (±0.3°C), ( ±0.2°C option) submersible
Thermistor/Humidity sensor -20°C to 75°C (±0.3°C)
0% to 100% RH (±3.0%) 0.5% Repeatability
Extreme Temperature Wired Sensors
K Thermocouple sensors* -200°C to 1250°C.  Accuracy ±2.2°C or ±0.75%, below 0°C ±2%
E Thermocouple sensors* -200°C to 900°C.  Accuracy ±1.7°C or ±0.5%, below 0°C ±1%
J Thermocouple sensors*  -0°C to 750°C.  Accuracy ±2.2°C or ±0.75%
T Thermocouple sensors* -250°C to 350°C.  Accuracy ±1.0°C or ±0.75%, below 0°C ±1.5%
Differential Pressure Sensors for Positve or Negative Pressurized Areas
 Pressure Sensor ±1"wg (Accuracy ±0.002"wg)
* Thermocouple sensors have a 3-foot wire ending in a 3" stainless steel probe.
Technical Stuff
Calibration Optional NIST traceable (1,2 or 3 points)
Characterization Three point calibration table for each sensor
Controls Easy-Touch™display responds to a finger touch
Data Storage Technique Non-volatile memory storage of 80,000 samples per sensor
Power Via USB cable or optional power adaptor (90 to 240vac)
Battery Backup ~72 hrs while in sleep mode.  1100mAh rechargable lithium battery. Not user serviceable.
Output to PC 6' USB cable (Note: if USB cable is plugged into PC, power is supplied by PC)
PC Software Free site license included with text/Email alert
Indicators LCD & LED (red/green)
User Settings On board password-protected menu
LCD Pixels 488 horizontal x 270 vertical
LCD Temperature Range Operating 0°C to 50°C, storage -20°C to 68°C
LCD size 2.5" x 4.5"
LCD color display life ~4.5 years
LED Green indicates AC power present. Red - operating on battery.
Relay Dry N/O with 2 terminal clamp <30v.  Fused for .5 amp
Mounting Wall mount - Velcro.
Flush Mount 6.5" x 8" or 7.5" x 9" - four holes for molly bolts or screws
Instrument Case Mount 12" x 12" x 4" with knockout ports
Display weight 1 lb
Shipping weight ~3 lbs with power adaptor, sensors & cables