Refrigerator Alarm w Text/Email/Phone Alert

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Monitor four refrigerators with wired or wireless sensors

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Do not let this happen to you

CDC Estimates $20 million/yr waste from poor refrigeration

Thousands revaccinated after shots spoil

In one recent case in Sioux City, Iowa, more than 1,000vaccines in refrigerator families were notified by letter and telephone that they needed to get their children revaccinated. State officials found that the refrigerator at the clinic that administered the shots repeatedly dropped below freezing over a 17-month period in 2005 and 2006, potentially ruining the vaccines stored there. "We just didn't notice it," said Dr. Ray Sturdevant, president of the Prairie Pediatrics and Adolescent Clinic.

Poor refrigeration has been blamed for similar problems elsewhere around the country over the past 2 1/2 years: In St. Cloud, Minn., a clinic had to revaccinate 8,600 patients, most of them children. In Lane County, Ore., 500 children and adults had to get another shot. In western Florida, it happened to about 250 kids.

The TV2 Refrigerator Alarm

The TV2  Refrigerator Alarm monitors, alarms, charts and logs your refrigerators.  It alarmslaboratory technician in refrigerator as manu as four refrigerators or freezers continually recording the temperature in non-volatile memory and drawing a temperature chart on the Easy-Touch™display.  If any refrigerator gets too warm or cold an alarm is triggered telling you what caused the alarm and sends a text, email or calls your phone to warn you.

The TV2  refrigerator alarm has a high and low temperature alarm for eachSensor #1 with unsafe temperature of its sensors.  To prevent false alarms each one has a delay time so that although opening the refrigerator door or loading in warm product may cause a temporary rise in temperature it will not trigger the alarm.  Only a serious rise or fall in temperature will be enough to trigger the alarm.  The refrigerator alarm also has a power-out alarm to warn you anytime a power failure occurs.  The battery backup will keep the TV2 working for at least 72 hours even if the power does goes out.  You will have a complete temperature log even if your building is without power.

The best protection against the loss of your inventory is your employees.

Increasing employee awareness of the refrigerator temperature keeps most temperature problems from getting out of control.  They can be caught before they become dangerous or critical.  The TV2 Refrigerator alarm helps keep your employees aware of the temperature all the time.  The current temperature and Max/Min turns red any time a temperature moves out of the safe range. If someone sees a red temperature he can touch the temperature to see what is going on.  A temperature history chart will be displayed so he can see how long the temperature has been unsafe.  A quick glance at this chart immediately tells him what the temperature is and whether it has been safe during the last several days. 

ThermaViewer monitoring four fridges and freezers

Touch any temperature to see the temperature history!

The digital temperature history chart is continually updated and can be expanded to see temperature trends or zoomed into for a closer look at individual temperatures.  The chart even has a trace mode so you can see what time and day individual temperatures were recorded.  The chart can be also be printed out, exported to excel or word with the free secure TView software.

Temperature history chart for refrigerator

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Documented Proof for Auditors and Regulators

This TV2 refrigerator alarm  complies with the JCAHO PC.17.10 standard as well as CAP recommendations.  Using the auto download capabilities of the free PC software makes it possible to always have documented proof for auditors and inspectors.  The secure TView software make continual backup files for every month and facilitates printing out paper charts on demand.

Refrigerator temperature history chart                                Numeric listing of refrigerator temperatures

21 CFR 11 Compliant

The TV2 refrigerator alarm automatically logs all temperatures and downloads encrypted files to your computer for back up and printing to comply with  government agency regulations (21CFR11).  All logged data is encrypted and an electronic signature attached to each saved record stored on your computer.

In addition all logged data is stored in the monitor itself in non-volatile RAM so even if you never download it to a computer you can always review the temperature history.