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How Accurate is the TV2

Temperature Monitor?

The accuracy of the TV2 depends on the sensor being used, since there is negligible instrument error (less than .1%) introduced by the TV2 itself. The TV2 can be used with several different types of sensors; digital, thermistor, thermistor and RH, differential pressure and several different types of thermocouples.

1. Thermistor

The thermistor sensor, whether wired or wireless, has an accuracy of 0.3C or 0.2C.  These sensors can be calibrated and a certificate traceable to NIST provided before shipment for an additional charge.

2. Thermistor/RH or thermistor only sensor

This sensor uses the same thermistor sensor as listed above with the addition of an RH sensors  The RH sensor used is made by Honeywell and has a stated accuracy of  3.0% with a range of 0% RH to 99% RH at 25C, non-condensing.

Sensor for temperature and humidity

3. Thermocouple

Our thermocouple sensors have the accuracy associated with the type of thermocouple supplied.  We normally supply a T-type thermocouple which is accuracy to 1.0C.  Other types of thermocouples have different levels of accuracy.  A K-Type thermocouple for example,  has limits of error typically 2.2C or 0.75% above 0C and 2.3 C or 2.0% Below 0C, but will vary depending on the thermocouple. Most types of thermocouples do have very good repeatability which means that measured temperatures are the same even if the instrument itself is off by 1C.

4.Digital Sensors

We offer a wired digital sensor which has an accuracy of 0.3C through its range.

5. Differential Pressure Sensor

Our differential pressure sensors have an accuracy of 0.002wc" with a range of 1wc".  Additional sensors with wider ranges are available.

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