Computer Room Monitor and Alarm!

TV2 with 4 temp/rh sensors
  • Four remote temperature or temp/RH sensors
  • Wired or wireless sensors
  • Dry contact relay
  • Audible alarm with phone or ISM alert
  • No ongoing maintenance needed
  • 72 hour battery backup
  • Copies to computer onthe same LAN
  • Auto Download feature
  • No maintenance charges

 Computer Room Data Bank Server Room Temperature Monitor Computer Room Temperature Monitor

Can you afford to replace your computers or servers?

Protect them with the TV2

The TV2 is a state-of-the-art data-viewer that monitors and documents the temperature or temperature and humidity of your computer room. It logs years of data in its internal non-volatile RAM and can display a chart on its large LCD display. And it ties into your security system to alert you if the room gets too hot or cold. (Can also log and alarm for humidity).

The chart display can be set to highlight spikes and dips so they are immediately apparent. If you need to maintain 72©you can set the display to show temperatures between 70©and 77©or 50©and 90©, etc.

TV2 showing temp/RH

TV2 status screen shows four wireless sensors at once.
Touch any temperature to see the temperature history.

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Four External Sensors

Each TV2 has four sensors so you can position them in different areas to ensure that the proper temperature and humidity is maintained.

Temperature data in list format             

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