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Protect your refrigerators and freezers with the TV2

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Whether you store vaccines your patients depend on, materials for laboratory experiments or some other critical-temperature inventory you need the TV2 Easy Freezer Alarm. 

The Easy Freezer Alarm protects any type of refrigerators and freezers, whatever make, model or temperature range.

The TV2 Easy Freezer Alarm automatically logs all temperature data so you can verify that your refrigerators and freezers have maintained safe temperatures.  And printing out a chart for the auditors or inspectors is simple.  The TV2 stores over 1.5 years of temperature history for each of the cold storage units being monitored if you are logging data once every 10 minutes.

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The free TView software is a powerful part of the TV2 alarm logger.  It runs on any PC or server to automatically backup the temperature log, in addition to downloading data on-demand.  Dashboard showing 4 sensorsNurse at deskIt can be used to view real time temperatures on multiple TV2s remotely.  So if you are using five TV2s to monitor twenty different freezers or refrigerators you could see all twenty temperatures and the recent history of each on your computer.

As long as the TV2 freezer alarm is plugged into your Local Area Network every few seconds the logged data is added to a file on your computer.

Quickly install on any Fridge and Freezer

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1.  Place the sensors in the refrigerator and freezer.
2.  Set the date and time to activate the temperature logging.
3.  Set the high and low temperature for each sensor.
4.  Plug the USB cable into a computer or the wired Ethernet cable into your network.
5.  Install free software on a computer.
6.  Type in email addresses for email or text alerts. 

The Easy-Touch™Display

The Easy-Touch™display is used to set the alarm parameters, view theFridge freezer alarm current temperatures and  the temperature history log. 

The TV2 Easy-Touch screen is a stand-alone instrument powered via a USB cable, which plugs into a computer or a wall socket adaptor. A 72-hour internal rechargable back-up battery immediately takes over the operation of the alarm if the power fails. 

The screen is normally placed near the refrigerator and freezer being monitored but can be mounted on the wall over a hundred feet away.


                  1.  High and low temperature alarm for each sensorringing alarm
                 2.  Power failure alarm.
                 3.  Low battery alarm.      
                 4.  Sensor missing alarm. 

Automatic temperature logging

The TV2 easy-touch display continually senses the temperature of refrigerators and freezers.  It stores the average of all those temperatures every ten minutes, so there is no need to record the temperature manually. All temperatures are stored in non-volatile memory that can be automatically backed up to your computer every few seconds.  The easy-touch display stores years of temperature history for each refrigerator or freezer.

Print out a temperature chart any time

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Documented Proof for Auditors and Regulators

The TV2 Freezer Alarm complies with the latest CDC, JCAHO, FDA and CAP requirements and recommendations that temperature of refrigerators and freezers be logged.  Each chart can be digitally signed and dated to comply with the 21 CFR 11 requirements. 


Wired Sensors

Sensor plugged into the TV2Each wired sensor (0.3C) comes with a twenty-foot wire that plugs into the Easy-TouchDigital temperature sensor Display.  Sesor wire extensions are available so the sensor can be positioned as far as 200 feet away from the display.  TV2 digital sensors can be calibrated to NIST standards and will remain in calibration for years. Recalibration can be done by metrology labs or even at your location by comparing temperature to a certified and/or calibrated thermometer.  Each sensor has its own calibration table which is user accessible.

Wireless sensors

Each wireless sensor uses a high accuracy thermistor (0.3°C) with a transmitter that broadcasts the temperature to the TV2 display.  The transmitterBacklit display is normally placed on the outside of the refrigerator or freezer and the sensor wire is snaked into the cold compartment through the gasket on the hinge side.  The sensor should be positioned within 40 feet of the display to ensure the transmitted temperatures are received. Wire extensions are available to extend the two-foot wire to the sensor.

Features & Specifications:

Number of Sensors Two water proof digital sensors
Temp Range  -20°C to +80°C (0.3°C)
Screen Easy-touch color screen
Display Unit Size 8 3/8" x 5" x 1"
LCD Display Size 5" diagonal
Local Alerts Internal buzzer and flashing screen.
Sample Interval Every 10 minutes (can be adjusted)
Display Resolution 0.1°on LCD, 0.0001 on PC
Calibration Calibration data is stored on each sensor with optional NIST traceable certificate.
Storage Technique Non-volatile memory stores 80,000 temperatures for each sensor
Power Via USB cable from a PC or 5vdc, 50/60hz (120 - 240 vac wall adaptor)
Battery Backup 1100mAh lithium battery will operate the system over 72 hrs.
Download to PC Wired Ethernet connection
Indicators LCD & LED
User Settings Onboard password-protected menu system
Alarm conditions Power failure plus high & low for each sensor
Shipping weight 2 lbs. with power adaptor, sensors & cables

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