Downloading Data from the ThermaViewer

Animated header picture of TV2

Backing Up ThermaViewer Data

Several different versions of TView software, the PC backup software, are available. You must use the one that corresponds to the software installed on your TV2. To determine which version you have, go to the main system menu on latter models (press the 'enter' key) or press the reset button with a paperclip on earlier models, the version number will be in the format n.n.n.

To download data, plug in the supplied cable to a COM port on your computer if you are using a ThermaViewer.  If you have the TV2 plug the USB cable into your computer.  The TView software will immediately begin to search for connected TV2s.  When I finds one it will ask you to name it.  After this you will be able to download data.

1. Check the 'Auto range for entire memory' button or type in a date and time range in the four data windows in the lower left hand portion of the screen.

2. Select which sensor's data you want to save by clicking on 'Channel 1' or 'Channel 2'.

3. Click the 'Upload Data' button.

As data is captured by the PC it will be displayed on your monitor. You can manipulate the data on screen by using the mouse (see instruction on screen in lower right hand portion). Should your data disappear from the screen while you are manipulating it click the "Auto Scale' button and it will reappear. This could happen if you pan through data and then un-zoom. The data is still there but it's not on the part of the graph that you are seeing.

The data displayed on the PC screen can be saved as a file by clicking on the 'Save data' button and typing a file name.  The data will be saved with a TXV extension, which is encrypted, and can only be viewed or printed out with the TView software.

Previously saved data can viewed by clicking on the 'Load data' button and entering the file name.

                                                      Temperature and RH Graph on a PC

Back up temperature monitoring information on PC in Excel